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Posted by / 19-Aug-2020 14:45

So I found that my "new tab" page of Google Chrome was now AVG Safesearch page which takes a rather annoying time to load, and is an extra hindrance in actually reaching your desired webpage.I scoured AVG forums to find that tech support was offering no viable solutions or even apologies whatsoever for their unethical actions.This has been going on for many versions of this abysmal software and AVG is completely deaf and uncaring to fix this bug even though I have written and notified these idiots many times. A very poor and irritating program, and I hope that AVG will read about my two big issues with their poorly designed and irritating programs, as it applies to all of their security program versions.1: Why in the world does your Toolbar keeps changing my new opened IE Tabs to open a blank page.A message to AVG: **** you and give your users the option to customize this garbage ads-on and remove ugly icons we do not want. Used v9 (the last decent version) up until recently, dumped in early June for Avast.Ever since they went to the year-numbered versions, the product has been junk.This one would cause freezing of my OS (Win8 on a Dell Inspiron 3537), each time there was a major AV update.

The core of the testing engine is a Virtual Device Driver which loads into memory on Windows startup. I have realized now that these vendors are in overdrive mode, cramming more aggressive features that mess up with the OS and other security software.

After all, antivirus software is usually renowned for its ruggedness for obvious reasons. This one would cause freezing of my OS (Win8 on a Dell Inspiron 3537), each time there was a major AV update.

Also, yuh really have to wonder what the hell's going on at AVG when the installer repeatedly crashes across multiple machines.

Even a clean Windows 7 installation breaks these versions of AVG (although earlier versions from last year will still install).

Also, from other internet reports, it seems that I'm not alone in having AVG's install fail.

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Also very bloated and comes with a bunch of crapware (toolbars/search engine pages/etc.).