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Facilidating com

If you can’t cajole ’em to pass a budget, try forcing ’em. David Paterson this morning threatened to call a special session of the Legislature to force state lawmakers to return to Albany in hopes of getting a deal on the budget, which is now almost one month late.

During an interview with WCBS 880 AM Radio, Paterson stressed that he has not yet included his plan to furlough public employees one day a week in emergency budget extenders, which would essentially force legislators to choose between infuriating state worker unions and a government shutdown.

Creativity can hit anywhere — in the midst of a Netflix binge, while cutting an onion, crossing the street, or at the very bottom of a bag of tortilla chips.

So give people’s ideas a chance to appear at unexpected times and places.

The trouble isn’t so much the risk processes themselves, which are usually very logical and correct.

The trouble seems to be with groups of human beings dealing with uncertainty.

What’s more, state lawmakers have been quietly gaveling in and out every single workday since the last extraordinary session was called on Jan. Legislative leaders argue that this means they’ve essentially kept that session going for the last three months, preventing the governor from calling them back against their will.

See what meeting rooms look like, so you can actually find breakout spaces.

If people are apprehensive because they believe only artists and writers are creative, they might get some courage by watching Emily Gilbert’s TED talk.

Put these tactics to work for you and you’ll leave the room with actionable ideas.

This novelist with a prior career at the British MI6 is right.

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This will get the ball rolling and boost productivity. Who you have in the room to generate those ideas matters, too.

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