Facts on teenage dating and violence dating someone with type 1 diabetes

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Facts on teenage dating and violence

However, there is also a dark phase that opens up sometimes in relationships.

In this phase, one person may hurt, scare, or demean the person he/she is dating on a frequent basis.

An estimated 25 percent to 35 percent of adolescent abusers reported that their violence served to intimidate, frighten or force the other person to give me something.

2) FALSE It is the person who is using the abusive behavior who is responsible for the abuse and for instilling fear in the teem victim.

This decision making process has nothing to do with the teen victim's demeanor or behavior.

8) FALSE If teenagers disclose to anyone, it's likely to be a friend or peer.

Forms of abuse can be physical, sexual, emotional and psychological.

TRUE or FALSE 7) Dating violence happens mostly to teenagers who provoke it.It is difficult for teens to leave abusive relationships for various reasons.Fear of the abuser's threats is usually the #1 reason, but lack of social support or fear that nothing will happen to the abuser also are reasons.TRUE or FALSE 4) Dating violence is only physical violence.TRUE or FALSE 5) Using alcohol or drugs is a cause of dating violence.

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The prosecutor, not the victim, has sole responsibility for deciding whether or not to press charges against the abuser.