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Posted by / 10-Apr-2020 20:26

Fight back by reporting the scamming Filipina to Dragonladies.

This is a site that tracks reports of scams perpetuated by Philippine ladies.

When you come to actually move in with the girl, the scam becomes clear. That is the worst part, the emotional turmoil of realizing you have been scammed.

The flipside of the online scammer is the one who lives with you in Philippines and goes out every day to the Internet Café.

This is to discourage you from looking for her when you find out it is a scam.

With boyfriends on the side it is likely that she will get pregnant at some point. When you start believing that these things won’t happen to you, they probably already are.

Yes, this author has been the victim of more than one of these scams and learned from them. Do not fully believe what is spoken until you see it backed up with actions. A Philippine woman can turn tears on and off easily.

“They expect something in return, so they are willing victims,” Cinco explained.

“That is normally the case because the victim knows there’s a ‘package’ from a foreigner who could offer him or her a comfortable life,” he said.

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If you suspect you are being scammed then take a little time to review that site.