Gay dating and chinese men

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Gay dating and chinese men

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I like cooking, watching football (HUGE West Ham United fan), reading and of course sharing my experiences of my life in China.

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My wife fell pregnant first and if people were shocked when they found it, they hid it well. This may be because most of the Chinese people I work with are at least somewhat westernised or it may be due to Chinese culture and not wanting to lose face or cause me any embarrassment.

I was expecting some awkward questions to come, like ‘how is that possible? We went to an international doctors too, so there was no problem there.

My eldest son Ezra was born in the UK where myself and my wife stayed for a couple of months before flying back to China.

The deal will also allow Beijing Kunlun Tech to expand its own reach outside of China.

The company, which is listed on the Shenzhen stock exchange in China, has been busy diversifying and expanding its business.

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We decided to start for a second baby straight away, knowing it can take a long time to get pregnant by insemination. ’ and it doesn’t always feel acceptable to answer ‘we both are’, especially when there are police or officials or Chinese doctors involved.

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