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They want to figure out what they’re doing that might sabotage their efforts,” Brian said.“Many are also in relationships and want to learn skills in how to maintain that connection over the long term.” His one-on-one coaching focuses on dating, relationships, and issues and concerns regarding sexuality.“It was very frustrating and heightened my sense of isolation and fear as I attempted to navigate this terrain blindly.” According to Brian, he had to stumble through dating and figure things out through trial and error, and he said he made plenty of mistakes along the way.So, when he started his private practice, he created support groups to aid members of the LGBTQ community who were facing challenges.They often aren’t honest with their feelings from an early age while their peers are experimenting and learning.“Part of my sense of purpose on this planet is to be a vessel to share my knowledge and skills to help my LGBTQ family enjoy the blessings and joys of finding and being in a fulfilling and committed intimate relationship.Research has also shown that a quarter of gay men hide their sexuality in anonymous surveys, and some of those men are married to women.Despite all the advances the LGBTQ population has made over the last few decades, many gay men still feel they face a stigma.

“While the presenting issues vary, most of my clients have come to me after a series of frustrated attempts at finding a compatible dating partner.

A few years later, he realized that his education and experience could help gay men realize that long-term, committed relationships can work for them.

So he started teaching them how to attract men who share their values and vision for the future.

Since Brian began practicing psychotherapy in 1999, his clients have come to him from all over the world.

He’s worked with single men and women and those in committed relationships.

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