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Germany today interracial dating

Germans with foreign roots are often asked about their heritage.

Are these kinds of questions mere curiosity or a form of racism?

This isn’t to say that every successful minority who dates or marries interracially does so with ulterior motives.

But just as some high-powered men pursue trophy wives, some members of minority groups pursue mates from the dominant culture for status. Your friends, colleagues and relatives are all dating interracially or have in the past. After all, you don’t want to be the odd one out or, even worse, the boring one.

At the same time, it’s irresponsible to seek out partners you know your parents would disapprove of just to rebel against them.

The mates you seek out certainly won’t appreciate being used as fodder in the war with your parents.

Some people, in contrast, flout their parents’ wishes simply to rebel.

Farr defied her parents’ dating rules because she formed genuine connections with men from minority backgrounds.

There are a number of reasons not to date interracially, including for social status, because it’s trendy or to remedy a rocky love life.

Dating interracially with misguided motives will inevitably lead to problems.

This leads some members of minority groups to experience self-hatred.

Such people are not only ashamed of their culture but of the physical features they have that reflect that culture.

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You’ll only end up hurting your date and yourself for behaving so insensitively.