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Gogle camsmexico

A group of crime-busting Texan sheriffs has launched an online surveillance system that makes it possible for the public to watch the Mexican border on CCTV 24 hours a day. The TBSC says that the scheme is in place to fight drug trafficking and crime on the border.

When a beady-eyed visitor spots something untoward, an alert is sent to The Texas Border Sheriff Coalition, who then decides whether to take action.

Most of the connected hardware is running on Windows-7.

The only solution I do see, is un-installing the Trend software, and select another virus-scan package, which is not updating automatically.

It works well with all antivirus, but this uses updates for security reasons.

Just use this once every month to download these updates and do a full system scan.

I didn't see all of them but there was one case, for example, of movement in an isolated area. It could have been foot traffic, going to check on a stash. it turned out that we didn't find any wrongdoing there. If we encounter a person we suspect is undocumented, then we pass them on to the federal authorities.

It's misinformation by our own media to say that we targeting immigration.

I have used it before in the past and at present it is a really good antivirus and it got improved over the past few years or so.They'll be surveying the border where there's no official crossing and they're well within their rights to do so.However, I don't know why they deny that it's tied in with immigration." "When someone reports suspicious activity, the message goes to a server, and is then passed on to designated locations, which decide if a response is certified. In the first 48 hours of the project we had 200,000 alerts.As of the moment, there is no way to turn off the automatic update for the program because this is required for the software.Alternative would be, that Trend is changing the update policy, by not not sending the update file first, and then checking if it is required, but first check if there is an update (checking version-numbers), and then download the required file to update the PC/Laptop.

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"I think this scheme's well within reason as far as security purposes go, and less offensive than a wall.

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