Google now not updating sports

Posted by / 06-Dec-2019 15:53

Google now not updating sports

I won’t lie I switched to bing after it all happened.

I only lasted using that a day or two b4 I had to come bck to google. I will be much more careful tho from now on 🤷🏻‍♀️ I love the app, but after a recent update I noticed I could no longer swipe away stories/cards on my homepage.

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Join a user research study here: KQn99 I have loved Google and have used it exclusively for years.You'll get asked to choose information density (responsive, the default, is best) and color set (the new "modern" set features more muted colors, while the "classic" set has the same bright blues and reds that made the original Google Calendar iconic)—the defaults are likely best. If you don't have the button, you'll likely see it over the coming weeks—and by the end of February, it'll be the new default, even if you don't upgrade today. For the next few months, you can still switch back to the classic Google Calendar from the settings menu.Now that you're in, here's how to get the most out of Google Calendar's best new features: Note: Our screenshots include the view: a new Schedule view that can show you and your colleague's calendars side-by-side.first made Android phones and Google's mobile apps easier to use.And now, one by one, the G Suite apps on the web are getting the new makeover.

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Now, click the checkmark beside your coworker's calendar, and you can see their schedule side-by-side with your own for that day. Use the mini calendar in the left sidebar to select a different day, or the arrows in the top to jump through events day-by-day.