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While virtually all scholars maintain that all of the gospels were written in the first century, within liberal scholarship it is conventionally thought that all four gospels were written post-70AD.

It is my own view, however, that this proposition is largely arbitrary, and based largely on a false presumption that a prediction, on the part of Jesus regarding the destruction of the temple in AD70, must have been composed after-the-fact.

If, however, one takes seriously the proposition that prophecy by a divine figure is possible, then the justification for the post-70AD dating largely disappears.

I am going to propose something radical — namely, that all of the gospels (that is, Matthew, Mark and Luke) pre-date AD60 and perhaps even AD50, thus being removed from the passion events (33AD) by possibly less than 20 years, with the underlying source material behind the gospels dating back even further still.

Besides the testimony of the early church fathers, positive reasons for thinking that the pastoral epistles belong to Paul include the counter-productivity of 1 Tim (“…although I was formerly a blasphemer, a persecutor and an insolent man…”) and the fact that 2 Timothy and Titus warns against deceivers, whilst none of them include any deviant doctrine.

Also, Paul quotes a verse (1 Timothy ) which he has also quoted elsewhere (1 Corinthians 9:9).

Clearly, then, Luke (or, at the very least, the source material upon which Luke is based) must pre-date the writing of 1 Timothy (we’ll come to the dating of 1 Timothy shortly).Moreover, scholars are in agreement that the fragment is a copy, in which case the original must be even earlier than AD68!But are there any fragments of the gospels which feature in the Qumran caves?But, instead, Acts leaves us hanging, by ending after Paul has been placed under house-arrest.The Pauline authorship of 1 Corinthians, and its dating to the 50’s AD is virtually undisputed.

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The strength of 7Q4 on those verses in Timothy is that it contains the being 1 Timothy are astronomical.

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