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Gp not updating

Again thanks for all help and advice in advance Are you running gpudate on the Client, or on the Server? Are you modifying the Default Domain Policy, or the Default Domain Controller Policy? Are you actually disabling the password complexity, or just unchecking the Define this policy setting box?You have to disable it first, then you can set it to not defined once all the clients have been updated.Knowing this, Microsoft included the ability to start a GPUpdate remotely in the Server 2012/Windows 8 version of Group Policy Management Console.As you can see in the picture above, right clicking on any OU will allow you to trigger a remote GPUpdate.This option has no effect if there are no extensions called that require a logoff.Causes a reboot after the Group Policy settings are refreshed, which is required for those client-side extensions that do not process policy on a background refresh cycle but do process it at startup.I am disabling the password complexity the server is a TS and all clients are thin clients, this should still apply should it?

Sets the number of seconds to wait for policy processing to finish. Examples include user-targeted Software Installation and Folder Redirection.I've been swapping and upgrading mods, gear, etc, and while my character/ship GP is adjusting accordingly in their respective screens, my GP under my profile hasn't changed in days.This has me greatly worried that all the changes I've been making aren't going to be saved in GA.this may be an issue its may not be but; the server name is ts the DNS name is 8.local NETBIOS name is EIGHTLTD in gpmc the forest is 8.local but when user logon it say Log on to: EIGHTLTD could this be the route of the problem or is this ok The name should be OK.All I do is create the OU, add users/computers, then in the Group Policy Management console, right click the OU, and click Create and link a GPO Here The GPMC has to be downloaded and installed, you can find it here: Group Policy Management Console You'll see all the OUs a policy object is linked to in the right pane, the Default Domain GPO is applied to all OUs of course.

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Not modifing either, I dont think, within group policy management console, I created User GPO and added the user group, ie accountants, charity workers and others within this.