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This is a digital copy of a book that was preserved for generations on library shelves before it was carefully scanned by Google as part of a project to make the world's books discoverable online. From the diffolution of the conftituent al Tembly, ^"^J^'"^"*^ he remained in obfcurity; he made no figure at 'hcieglf.*^ the Jacobin club, and I find no trace of him in any lativcif- pub Hc tranfaftion, except an addrefe, which, as pre- ^^^^^ 'Jc- iident of the department of Yonne, he prefented to cember the legiflative ai Tembly, on the fubje£l of the war, »79«« and which was ordered to be printed, and procured him the honors of the fitting ^ / He was returned to the national convention for Member pf the department of Yonne, but was as little diftin- ^^^ ^? In fupport of this affertion, Briflbt fays, that Lepelletier, at the committee of legiflation, in the prefence of twenty witneffes, defended the propriety of an appeal to the people, and faid, if the appeal was not carried, it would be moft advifable to vote for the imprifon- ment of the king '. Their attempt had a fiiccefs proportioned to its fagacity ; to read their writings, to hear their fpeeches, they feemed to pof- fcfe a U the wifdom, all the virtue, all the difmte- reftednefs of thofe fages and heroes of antiquity, whom they affefted to regard as models ; but to infpefl thar web of flimfy, though pernicious, in- trigues, to hear of their treacheries, their jealoufies, their want of mutual confidence, and their foli- citude to fecure a fhare of power by the moft flagi- tious means, it became obvious that they had no real virtue, wifdom, difintereftednefs, or patriotifm, but that the fentiments analogous to thofe qualities, with which a laboured eloquence fupplied their fpeeches aiid writings, proceeded merely from the, head, while the heart remained cold, malignant, and felfifh. It has survived long enough for the copyright to expire and the book to enter the public domain. ^' k See tbe Debates of the Conftituent Affembly, from the %^d of May 1791 to its di Ablution ) and for the M h St, Anecdotee du Rcjgrne de Louii XVI* vol* vi. But I do not confider it at all certain, that he ever intended to Ihew any mercy to the imprifoned fovereign, or to vote otherwife than as the faftion to whom he had attached himfelf *7^» No- fhould direft. ' Briflbt, he brought up an addrefs from the friends of the republic at Auxerre, in which were thefe cx- prefljons : *' Nations wait with anxiety for the fen- *' tence you are about to pafs on Louis XVI. The mob adored them for a Ihort period, then defpifed, detefted, and facrificed them, ftfarat, on the other hand, did not make an af- feded difplay of wifdom, virtue, or fententioufnefs ; to gain the populace, he adapted himfelf to their tafte, and fucceeded to the utmoft extent of hi^ wiuies. Copyright infringement liability can be quite severe. BIOGRAPHICAL M E MO I R S OP THE FRENCH REFOLUTia N. About Google Book Search Google's mission is to organize the world's information and to make it universally accessible and useful. *, HARVARD COLLEGE LIBRARY BIOGRAPHICAL ME M O I R S OP r SE FRENCH REVOLUTION. ventiool not for an obfcure department, where his name was little known, and his vices only appeared in general details, but for Paris, the capital of the ftate, the centre of his crimes, t Jie fcene of all his atrocities; Paris, where it is hardly a figure to fay that the very walls cried out againft him, as a murderer, an incen- diary, and a ruffian more fit for the gibbet than the fenate. Meanwhile, the eledion for the national conven- Bleaed tion were proceeding, the friends of Marat were de- "J^^^^^^^ of tennined to obtain him a feat ; and for what place ! He was undoubtedly inft^ated to t Loavet*ft Narrsitivey p.

It muft W o Mcrv€d that Kobefpierre in his defend againft Louvet*t accufation. '* Pcfp Sfcdin But though he was ftrongly fupported in, and the con- inftigated to thefe meafures by his party in the com- ¥e»tio B, jjjune and in the clubs, even they had not intrepidity enough openly to countenance him in the conven- tion. ^ preffive of his malignant and (anguinary difpofition. Moore fays, that ^^ to a painter of mafiacres it ^ would be ineftimable.^' In his drefs, he afl Fe Aed to fet the ton in pomt of dirt and (habbinefs ; Chabot was his rival in this particular, and the club of Cor- ddiers their humble imitators. The prudence or parfimony of his father prevented his allowing fuch a f Upend as would fup# f Anecdotes, &c. He endeavoured to obtain for malefadors a penod of three days to appeal againft their fentence, or move in arreft of judgment; be aboliihed whipping and branding of criminals, but, on the other hand, he gave to primary aflemblies an undefined power of corredlional punifhment, and inflided four years imprifonment on the perfon who ihould ffarike a public fim^Uonary. ji extcti Sed no fetthcr than to head an outrageousf rabble, and whofe vanity led him to believe no per- fon fo well qualified for the tafk as himfelf, \^2i S de- firous to refolve the whole kingdom mto an im- menfe and lawlefs mob, that by his influence he might perpetuate anarchy. He at- tempted, with a correftnefs truly ridiculous, to fix the proportions of punifliment to be inflifted on an unnatural fon, who maimed his parent, fo as to make the extent of the penalty, exaftly commenfurate to the nature of the injury. As this addrefs contained nothing but the exprejjion of the moji ener^ geticjentiments ^ liberty^ terminated 'by an invitation to the departments^ to unite with the Parijians to repel the enemies who threatened the cc^italj the orator com^ mented on it in vain ; the only fenfation produced^ was that of ajiomjhment at hearing it denounced ". He was tiowever dofely coni- fined in the IJle de Rhe. They are accufed edion of Paris, which had been previoufly denounced to the legiflative aflembly. ould not bear the leaft contradiftion, but flew out inftantaneoufly into the moft paflipnate ex* clamation and. The extrav2^:ant wildnefs of his ideas will appear as well from a fafl: related by Briflbt, as from the continual con- fifcations and murders he afterwards recommended : mentof Biifibt before alluckd to ; from the Conjuration dc d^Orleani, tol. It may be regarded as a retaliation for the accufation of venality with which they were charged by his partifans ; for Marat, imfolicitous about money, too vain to think that an adequate price could be fet on his fervices, and aa utter ftranger to the dictates of gratitude, was not to be purchafed ; nor would the attempt be made by any perfons whofe fagacity was fuperior to, orwhofe fituation was not fo defperate as that of the deluded and abandoned Orleans, ^ Roland^s Appeal, vol. It is faid by one author, that his fatiric vein too freely indulged produced this^aft of parental feverity H another has not fcrupled to aflert, that it was occafioned by a difcdvery that the young count had projefted the murder of his parent by poifon *"« Mirabeau himfelf avers that the caufe of his difgrace was the intriguing difpofition of a female, who led the fether to apprehend that his fon would difgrace himfelf by an ill-chofen matri- monial alliance*.

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3 ^* ducedthe fentence of death, to theprivation of life.** In other parts of his code he betrayed great want of judgment, and fliewed himfelf completely bewildered in the labyrinths of pretended philofophy.