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Pedestrians are replaced with cluckin' bell/well stacked pizza/burger shot workers, and so on. * Cheats were not officially released by Rockstar Games.

We'll go into that in more detail later in this guide. Denise Robinson and Millie Perkins will pose no problem, because you meet these girls during missions. Below is the locations of each girlfriend, not found during missions.

There are several types of dates, depending on what girl you are dating.

There are drinking dates, food dates, dancing dates and driving dates.

Similar to the 'Gangs Rule the Streets' cheat, except pedestrians are basically "replaced" by gangsters, so they drive around etc aswell.

CJ's appearance changes - a clown nose appears, red hair etc.

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Each girl has a blue arrow above their heads and will be standing around doing various things, like talking to someone or shooting a gun.

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