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Guide dating autism

As a child, he worked to overcome academic and social challenges.He pursued a master’s degree in special education to help other young people succeed; and during this time he was diagnosed with autism.People with autism need to know what to talk about with different people.Depending who they talk to, a topic may be acceptable or not.Executive functioning and organization need to be taught earlier.Ultimately, for it to be successful, there needs to be support through action and deed of inclusion. Basically, it’s a reexamination of what normality is on many levels.Dialogue is a major problem due to the issues in receptive language, pragmatics, and reading body language.These are things we can’t take for granted, and they need to be learned by doing and being exposed to practical examples and skills.

It’s so gratifying seeing someone do things that they would never have seen themselves doing before.When people use the label of normality in reference to people with autism, they see them as abnormal.The reality is that many behaviors that are seen as indicative as autistic they are viewed as negative.For individuals who are teachers or specialists, I want to inform, provide strategies, and help them look at autism in novel ways, As for parents, I want them to see that growth, change, and hope are possible.Beyond that, I want to change the dynamics of the dialog on autism in wider society.

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Originally, I wanted a woman with ASD to write part of the book from her perspective, but wasn’t able to do so.

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