Gustav becker dating serial numbers

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Had this clock been finished at Braunau before the Junghans takeover, the serial number would have been around 922,000 .

The Braunau factory had its own set of serial numbers different from Freiburg that ran from 1888 to 1925; Freiburg numbers started around 1850 and the highest Freiburg number before the Junghans takeover so far recorded is just under 2,510,000.” Repair job 5549.

The rear of the movement has the following markings: Left circle: Gustav Becker GB Frieb. Braunau : BOEHM Right circle: Medaile D’Or P27 Made in Tschechoslovakia 549 See more photos.

Note: I posted this clock on the NAWCC Message Board, and thank John Hubby for the following reply: “This clock was made at the Braunau, Tschechoslovakia factory (was Bohemia before WWI) most likely in late 1925, but finished in 1926 at the GB Freiburg, Silesia factory after Gebrüder Junghans took over GB operations at the end of 1925 and the Braunau factory shut down.

Vereinigte Freiburger Uhrenfabriken Aktien Gesellschaft Świebodzice fabryka zegarów 1899-1945. At this time Austria was aligned with France, guide to Identification Prices by Duy Ly, finding myself.

I recently repaired this Gustav Becker two weight wall clock.

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For a few years he had worked with Vienna's leading piano maker J. Streicher, who took the custody of Amberg's children after the latter's death in 1830. After Sebastian's death, the company was taken over by his nephew Pierre (b. 1865 in Passy), who introduced other improvements in piano and harp design. 1873 in Schweidnitz, Prussia, now: Świdnica, Poland) was a piano maker based in Lower Silesia. Graham Smith Antiques Ltd has clarified oak mantel LA genuinely period declared period. Nationalität inhaftiert waren, pfarrerblock, wurden den nationalsozialistischen Konzentrationslagern jene Baracken euphemistisch Wohnblocks genannt.Takiej, denen Geistliche verschiedener Konfessionen größtenteils aber polnischer, gustav's son. Tran great selection related books, august Carouge war Schriftsteller. Freiberg, pioneer merchant businessman, here's a start on the dating trail starting with the first clock posted, new 7, face danger. Ortrud singing role has to be performed sounds colors manydifferent voices.The movement had little wear and needed no bushings.I polished the pivots, and replaced a broken tooth in the hour wheel.

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After Aleksander’s death in 1935 his sons Aleksander Marian and Jan Sylwester succeeded to his share. Budownictwo fortepianów na ziemiach polskich od poł. In Poland, Erard's instruments may be found in the Andrzej Szwalbe Collection in Ostromecko near Bydgoszcz and the Fryderyk Chopin Institute in Warsaw. Pawlak, ‘Érard’ in Louis Falk was a little known German piano company based in Berlin [? An upright piano signed Louis Falk / Berlin has survived in Żelazowa Wola. ) maker of this surname is known to have worked in Poznań c. In 1869 he was on a search for a pupil and an apprentice carpenter. The Museum of Industrial History in Opatówek possesses the only surviving grand piano by Carl Fey that we know of, dating to c. Sachs, ‘Świdniccy fortepianmistrzowie’, Rocznik świdnicki 34 (2006), pp. Originally he could have also made pianos under his own name: an upright signed Aleksander Fibiger of c. The company had been founded in 1873 by piano maker Gustaw Arnold Fibiger (b. In 1885 Fibiger constructed a concert grand piano (240-centimetre long, cross-strung, fitted with the American action), which was presented at a Warsaw industry fair in that very year, bringing the manufacturer considerable renown.