Ha ji won dating lee seung gi

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Ha ji won dating lee seung gi

Such as Jo In Sung and So Ji Sub in leading man Lee Seung Gi as her ideal man of all her co-stars to date. When asked which of her onscreen kisses was the most memorable, Ji Won picked the refrigerator kiss with Seung Gi. This coming from the lady who kissed Binnie left, right, and upside down in SG and famously made out with Jo In Sung in WHIB?

Thanks to all this juicy cuteness, I think the Seung Won ship is so close to setting sail.

Last week he held his Hope Concert in Seoul that was a sold out performance and garnered great reviews from the press and his fans.

He started off by performing “Gangnam Noona”, and in attendance was Ha Ji Won (along with her parents and manager) and she was spotted standing up and laughing along with his spoof of the ubiquitous hit song.

Everyone should be actively looking and trying for love.Although he became exhausted mentally and physically after four months of filming and did not win the prize of the highest viewing ratings, he did improve himself as an actor and proved his abilities as the leading actor in a TV drama.Frankly speaking, almost nobody expected Lee Seung Gi to shine in “King 2Hearts.” The main plot of “King 2Hearts” portrays how immature prince Lee Jae Ha (played by Lee Seung Gi) of South Korea falls in love with North Korean Special Forces instructor Kim Hang Ah (played by Ha Ji Won), becomes the king and saves Korea from terrorist crises.I think Ha Ji Won makes all her male leads shine and better, so its no shock Seung Gi picks her as his ideal co-star.What’s really surprising is that she would pick him.

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By the way, I totally don’t think they are dating or even like each other like that.