High school interracial dating russian dating information

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High school interracial dating

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X Diversity researcher, writer and lawyer Hadiya Roderique told Global News the results from the poll don’t surprise her.“You could say that it might be higher in some cases because people could be impacted by social desirability,” she said.

“My parents have a typical South Asian immigrant experience of arriving in Toronto in the late ’60s, while his parents have a historical African-American experience.

There’s also the issue that interracial dating may just make some people feel uncomfortable, Sharma added.“Whenever a person is uncomfortable, it’s generally because they encounter something unfamiliar and are unwilling to ‘try it out’ to confirm that there is nothing to be afraid of,” she explained.

“Some people walk through life with very rigid beliefs and biases and look for cues and signs that only confirm these beliefs/biases and discard information that would contradict them.

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She added some minority groups would not want to date outside their race.

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