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Well, maximizing the potential of high-traffic keywords is actually more complex than it looks.

There are a number of best practices and a handful of potential issues which arise when incorporating high-traffic keyword terms into your search campaigns: But, for all the buzz surrounding long-tail keywords, there's still a lot of traffic in the high-traffic, most searched words (go figure).

As an SEO strategy, it’s extremely difficult to drive traffic through popular keywords alone, because the competition is so high. And either way, for healthy growth you’ll need to target mid- and long-tail searches.Apple's back-to-school offers list products at "education pricing," which means eligible participants can save big in-store and online.You are an eligible participant if you're currently a student, or parent of a student, or a faculty/staff member at a K-12 or higher-education institution.If we attempt to cram these three words into a single Ad Group in Ad Words, we'll get slammed on Quality Score and will have to pay a lot every time someone clicks on our ad. Better yet: while we're creating a keyword group for each of these terms, why not surround it with keywords that search engines will view as closely related?We'll also want to make sure that these keywords are all linguistically similar: that way, we can easily write ad text variations that speak to the entire Ad Group.

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