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The Privacy Commissioner has successfully categorised ‘blind’ recruitment advertisements inserted by advertising recruitment agents as being in breach of Data Protection Principle 1 by not expressing the name of the employer data user for whose benefit the advertisement is inserted.Which bodies are primarily responsible for issuing advertising regulations and enforcing rules on advertising?How is the issue of concurrent jurisdiction among regulators with responsibility for advertising handled?

Aside from specific topic issues, an overall regulatory concern is with personal data collection, unsolicited emails, accurate descriptions and practices in the lifeblood of trade in goods and services, anti-money laundering and drug trafficking.

Hong Kong is by no means immune from these problems and specific laws are rigorously enforced by vigilant supervisory authorities and the courts.

Under the Telecommunications Ordinance, the Radio Code of Practice on Advertising Standards (the Radio Advertising Code) must be complied with, for radio broadcasting, by licensees of any sound broadcasting service licensed under the Telecommunication Ordinance.

The specific instances of particular regulation of advertising content categories are dealt with below.

In addition to the legislated specific enactments applicable to specific products or circumstances, there is a self-regulatory structure established by the Code of Practice (the 4As Code) ordained for all its members by the Association of Accredited Advertisers (the 4As) to which all advertising agency members of the 4As must ensure compliance.

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The Broadcasting Ordinance specifically provides that the internet is not a television programme service and therefore not a broadcasting service requiring a licence.

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