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In other words, users still rate the profile images of other members. If you are self-conscious it can create needless stress.

You can, however, also take it as constructive criticism.

If you're curious to see who the hot people are wherever you happen to be at any given time — Hotor Not will give you an idea.

Just don't expect to find your future spouse or that hot hookup that will make your head spin for the night. When it comes to dating and hookups, we rate it as a FAIL What can we say, you win some and you lose some.

That means that you can access it on your i Phone, Android phone, Windows phone, or your old desktop.

Second, that “special sauce” that first made Hotor Not a sensation 17 years ago is still around.

However, this does not mean that it is an effective matchmaking tool.

As an example, during our test, when we were in a major urban setting everybody in the top 20 was rated an 8 or higher.You see, back in 2000, Hotor Not was the first website to become immensely popular offering a profile pic rating system.People would post their pics and strangers would rate them from one to ten for attractiveness.Final Word on Hot or Not A bit of nostalgia is always fun.In the case of Hotor Not, it has been successful in making itself relevant again.

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To be honest, you’ll either love it or you’ll hate it — there’s no middle ground.

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