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Posted by / 26-Jul-2020 04:21

So something we talk a ton about here on Sexy Confidence is commitment.

While I’m sure you vary in your mood and what you want in terms of dating, being deliberately single, or having casual flings, I think most of you can agree that in general, you’d like to be in a committed relationship.

This will give you the drive, the ability to ask questions, the ability to push limits, to say YES or to say NO, and believe that you are going to ACHIEVE! It shows a lady that you’re not afraid to make that leap, to make the first move and ensure you’re doing everything in your power to win her over and continue doing so.

My mission in life is to help amazing women like you create their own love stories.

With the rise of the digital world and the constant cycle of refreshing your feeds, it’s become easy to compare yourself to others.

You might think someone has better clothes, better hair, more money to do more fun things, or whatever it might be.

Being aware and sure of what you know, say, do, etc,. It will also close the wall of being taken advantage of. You’re believing in yourself and your purpose and rising to that potential.

When you believe in yourself, you’re more likely to take action. In fact, most women say that confidence is the sexiest thing a man can have. You’re sure of what you want, including the woman you want.

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Confidence is key and will help lead you to success in all that you do. I mean, we know we can’t just think of something we’d like and immediately receive it (or else I’d be in the Carribean right now).