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For example: “It’s no use talking to her, she won’t be interested in me” = “I should go talk to her she looks bored” “She’s out of my league” = “I wonder if she’s cool enough to hang out with?

” This will help you approach girls you like with positivity and you’ll naturally become an extremely attractive guy to be around.

You want to touch them, smell them and, if you’re me, bite their ear.

Leather jackets, jewellery and tailored suits are a great place to start.You could even go as far as getting that tattoo you’ve always wanted 😉 Anything you can do to mix things up from how you present yourself will work wonders at attracting a whole new wave of female attention. If you’ve got her number check out my best advice on what to text a girl a girl you like.(You’ll discover how to keep her hooked and get a date). Before you approach her get rid of any other excuses that are stopping you in your tracks, for example, assuming she won’t be interested in you if you’ve never had a girlfriend. Here’s how to re-write some common negative excuses with positive reasons to TAKE ACTION!And I want to be clear that working through this stuff applies the same in the context of a casual hookup as it does a romantic date.Juggling multiple relationships at different levels with many different people requires a sturdy relationship skill set that makes poly relationships the Ph D of human interaction — not better than other types of relationships, but definitely more complicated.

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