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Teenagers during this period are the most unreasonable creatures on Earth.

If one side gets another boy or girlfriend, the other side feels betrayed, and revenge plans start to pop out into their minds, making them the most dangerous animal that ever existed.

This period can be extreme for teenagers since the intersection leads to either heaven or hell, and a wrong step can ruin the dream of becoming a couple.

Parents can feel tension in their children during this period but do not know why.

There is another ending after the couple breaks up: finding another boyfriend or girlfriend.

This is also a common way of ending a relationship because one side of the couple gets bored of the other side and wants to find a new taste.

At this time, teenagers feel impatient, dried out, and stressed towards the other half either because of the lack of interest or dislike towards the bad habits of the other half.

The relationship becomes unstable and all the ridiculous scenarios in soap operas happen in real life.

I’m hoping this current topic will get the discussion spiced up some more, or at the very least have some basic principles for people to look into. Love is pretty special to some people, and not that important to others. Today she came over and we just hung out and we were just messing around for awhile (taking a bunch of pictures, her resting her head of my shoulder, touching me a lot, etc),and eventually we just started watching Netflix together and she got really close to me(we were laying on my bed watching my tv).Regardless how you personally feel on love, I think we can all agree that hearing people say, “I’m in love”, is a common thing to hear. After I kept messing around with her we eventually got our hands near each other and then we interlocked hands like this .Can people really all be that in love with each other? We just held hands like this for like 10 mins till she had to go.Teenagers have the most sensitive feelings, especially during relationships, and these feelings contribute to the development of their personality and future. It’s been about a year since our first, “Discussion Thread”.

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