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Only limited investigations of special outcrop problems have been carried out since that time.High-altitude photography was of particular help in this phase.The first test to yield oil was made on 4 March 1938 and Dammam 7 was completed in the C Member of the Arab Formation later the same month.Surface mapping, seismograph surveys and structure drilling continued throughout this period, and in 1939, a gravity meter-magnetometer survey was started.One interesting aspect of Arabian stratigraphy has been the fact that most Arabian rock units, originally defined solely on the basis of the criteria for rock-stratigraphic units, have proved over the years to approximate time-stratigraphic units as well.This is the case both along the length of outcrop and in the subsurface.

Nine more wells were later drilled at Dammam; although some of these were promising none proved out on sustained testing.Drilling of well 7, suspended while the Middle Cretaceous was tested, was resumed in late 1937.This well encountered first gas and then large quantities of oil in the Arab Formation (late Upper Jurassic).Surface beds, for the most part, were subdivided and named in accordance with the st and ard rules.Subsurface units and names, on the other hand, were often based on some catch lithologic characterization such as 'Dolomitic limestone' or 'Greenish gray shale'.

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By 1935, two-man reconnaissance parties had penetrated south as far as Yabrin (lat. Structure drilling began late in 1936 and seismograph was first used in 1937.