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Since they’re on a whole different level, I’m pretty sure they can’t identify with the rest of the population. This means brainy guys probably have a hard time feeling fulfilled. Or it goes the opposite way; they don’t know the value of hard work because they’ve never had to make an effort to keep up with everyone else, therefore they’re lazy.

There’s no bigger turn off for me than a guy who’s unmotivated.

They sometimes have a hard time opening up and being vulnerable.

Intelligent people tend to avoid conflict because of this, but the guy I’m dating needs to be able to talk about our relationship.

Even if he doesn’t feel or act superior, I’d feel totally inferior.

I mean, I’m not a complete moron or anything, but I’m certainly not a scholar.

He might be happier alone and I’m more of a social creature.

Smart people tend to be more socially isolated but they aren’t necessarily as bothered by it as us common folk are.

I have a hard enough time figuring out what I want to eat for dinner; I need someone who can make a decision. Because they often overthink, brainiacs use logic to explain everything and I feel like they can’t express emotion as easily as people with average intelligence.

However, there are dozens of things that can hold you back, and some of these factors may surprise you.

Intelligence might seem like a virtue and a selling point, but it regularly stands in the way of manifesting love.

I’d go crazy and I’d rather save myself the trouble. Smart people seem like they have a harder time stopping to enjoy life because they think too much and always look for a deeper meaning.

They sometimes draw the wrong conclusions because they think everything is more complicated than it really is.

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