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Intimidating bersetzung deutsch

Imbued with the liberation ideas of the 60s and 70s, he attempted a military coup in 1992 to turn out one more elitist and corrupt Venezuelan government. He was incarcerated for his role in the coup but was released early after two years. By 1999 he had been overwhelmingly elected President of Venezuela with a mandate to clean up the corruption and do something for the huge mass of poor citizens both in the country and in the barrios of the major cities.As he promised in his first election campaign, Chávez immediately started the wheels turning to convene a popularly elected assembly to rewrite the constitution.John Ralston Saul in a March 2004 Harper´s article opined that perhaps the era of globalisation has now come to an end.Globalisation is no longer so unquestioningly accepted to be either a self-fulfilling prophecy or a self-regulating phenomenon. Now, dismayed by the twenty-five-year failure of globalisation to deliver the promised material goods in return for which developing countries have permitted the IMF Jesuits of the financial world to restructure both their economies and their societies, many nation-states are now taking back control.

And, while nearly all Latin Americans nurse respect for Fidel Castro for what he has done to better his own people and because of his decades-long defiance of American hegemony in the Western Hemisphere, Cuba’s brand of Stalinist socialism is regarded as undemocratic, dictatorial and claustrophobic.

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Chávez is now in his second term under the new constitution.

The legislative branch was restructured to a unicameral National Assembly on the basis of representation by population and a guaranteed number of seats for indigenous peoples.

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