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When one Wisconsin newspaper, the Oshkosh Northwestern, ran three trial columns of Coulter’s, to see what readers made of her, she “generated more mail and calls than any other writer we’ve ever tested. There is no middle Ann ground.” Maybe there are plenty of provocative writers with a knack for arousing their readers to adoration or anger.

Suddenly you stop clicking the remote and just stay transfixed, staring at the TV–your jaw slack with disbelief at her sheer gall.

She interrupts constantly, talking over her hosts, denying them the chance to butt into her own stream of argument. Another has her interviewer reduced to waving to catch her attention. Her fame is such that she now has not one but two totems of modern celebrity.

She has been plagued by stalkers (though the FBI urges her not to talk about it). Viewers of The West Wing who know and have grown to love Ainsley, the clever, sassy, blond-haired Republican who made mincemeat of liberals on a talking-head show, should meet the real-life version. The Coulter phenomenon is about more than just her: it’s rooted in a clutch of current trends in American life, some of which are only just dawning on outsiders.

Whether it’s America’s shift to the right or the rise and rise of America’s motor-mouth, talk-show culture, or the popular rebellion against establishment media or the emergence of a new Republican babe-ocracy, Ann Coulter represents it all.

Especially the coarsening of the public conversation, say her liberal accusers.

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