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“Obviously, marriage is in our future,” the Good Charlotte singer told Ryan Seacrest.

Richie shared a photo—an early era selfie, to be exact—of herself and her husband Joel Maddenthat they took over 10 years ago. C., my ride or die, & my best friend for life @joelmadden." Richie's love for the Good Charlotte singer is clearly her "anthem."The birthday boy praised Richie as well as his twin, Benji Madden in an Instagram birthday tribute of his own.

Magazine that he hopes his daughter, Harlow, becomes a strong woman, just like her mommy. I just hope that Harlow is like that.” 8 In 2007, they created The Richie Madden Children’s Foundation. So we wanted to take the gifts we got and give them to the people who actually needed them,” she told Harper’s Bazaar.

“My daughter – I hope she’s like her mom because her mom is one of the strongest women I’ve ever met. You can’t f**k with Nicole, even if you think you are f*cking with her. According to Nicole, they started the foundation because of all of the gifts that Harlow received that they didn’t need. They celebrated the launch of the foundation with a surprise baby shower for 100 expectant mothers at the Los Angeles Free Clinic.

10 One thing that Nicole and Joel try to provide their children with is stability.

“Joel and I both grew up in what other people would call an unstable home.

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Nicole also confessed to Links"Ryan Seacrest in 2016 that she initially lied to Joel to get him to hang out with her.