Is rpattz dating kristen stewart

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Is rpattz dating kristen stewart

So it would not be surprising if many teenagers back then wished Stewart and Pattinson would be together forever.

However, many things have happened since then and they broke up after just a couple of years.

Having a stage manager for a father and a script director for a mother, Kristen developed an interest in entertainment at a young age.

It was indeed a tough time and the public as well had a lot to take in, having become so used to the cute Twilight pair.

Kristen reprised her role as Bella in the sequels: The last sequel of the movie was a huge success which although received mixed reviews, grossed over 0 million and became one of the highest grossing films that year.

Kristen has since received many mentions on various Hollywood rating platforms including Rotten Tomatoes.

The two, who met on set, fell in love in reality and decided to take their friendship to the next level as they became an item.

Their heartwarming love diaries, however, ended in 2012 after the two called it quits over Kristen’s unfaithfulness.

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Acting has always been the life of the talented actress and over the years, she has proven herself in the movie industry.

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