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Once that process is complete, then it's merely a matter of having the right software in place to make the most of the technology.

But the realm of personal computers and smartphones is just the beginning for Real Sense™ technology. Other company, product or service names may be trademarks or service marks of others.

Real Sense™ technology utilizes three separate optical scanners – a 1080p high-definition optical camera, infrared camera, and infrared laser projector – to read the environment around it.

Working in conjunction, these three optical readers can sense depth, detect human movement, and scan objects in 3D with unparalleled precision and accuracy.

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The age of criminal culpability in Israel -- under both civilian and military law -- is 12, but when the principal points out that the brothers are just young children, an Israeli officer replies, "They threw stones, I don't care how old they are."Describing the incident to CNN, the Israeli army spokesperson's unit said that a group of students had thrown stones toward cars belonging to residents of Israeli settlements in the city, and that soldiers then conducted a warning chat with the pupils. One of the soldiers screamed at me while twisting my ear and said, 'you threw a stone.' I told him I didn't, but he grabbed my shoulder and pushed me hard to the wall and kept me arrested for two hours.""Not only do all children everywhere have a right to a safe education and protection from all forms of violence and exploitation, but it is also essential for their mental and physical well-being," says UNICEF Palestine Special Representative, Genevieve Boutin.

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Many of the children here are scared to go to school, others are prevented by their own parents from leaving the house and playing with their friends in the neighborhood," he says.

Intel® Real Sense™ is the next evolution in user interface design.

To provide for varied needs and use cases, this technology is further offered in two different applications: short-range and long-range.

With the ability to see the world around it in three dimensions, Intel® Real Sense™ can transform the way you use and interact with your device.

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While touch-screen devices allow you to interact with hand gestures, they are fundamentally the same as traditional desktop keyboards and mice in many ways.