Jamaica sex profiles

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Jamaica sex profiles

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The government initiated significantly fewer investigations compared to the previous year, did not provide adequate protection for some potential or confirmed trafficking victims, and did not publish an annual report on government efforts.

RECOMMENDATIONS FOR JAMAICA Increase efforts to identify and provide comprehensive protection to victims of trafficking, including sex trafficking, forced begging, and domestic servitude of Jamaican children; vigorously investigate, prosecute, convict, and punish traffickers, including any officials complicit in sex or labor trafficking; amend the anti-trafficking law to remove sentencing provisions that allow fines in lieu of imprisonment; develop and fully implement government-wide SOPs to guide social workers and other front-line officials in the proactive identification of local and foreign victims of forced labor and sex trafficking, including those exploited in commercial sex in nightclubs, bars, massage parlors, forced begging, and domestic servitude; dedicate adequate funding to implement the national action plan and develop a new plan before the current one expires; utilize and expand available shelters for identified trafficking victims, including male victims; allocate sufficient resources to implement the national rapporteur's mandate to investigate reports of human trafficking, report on violations of the rights of victims, and provide an annual report to the government; continue to support victims during the criminal justice process to ensure their availability for testimony; increase efforts to investigate, prosecute, and convict foreign tourists and others who purchase commercial sex acts from child trafficking victims; continue cooperating with foreign authorities to prevent suspected child sex tourists from entering the country; and continue efforts to educate government officials and the public about human trafficking of both Jamaican citizens and foreign nationals.

PROSECUTION The government maintained law enforcement efforts.

The Jamaican parliament approved and enacted an amendment to the Trafficking Act to allow such cases to be tried by a judge rather than a jury.

Authorities initiated 30 new trafficking investigations, compared with 40 in the previous reporting period.

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CPFSA shelter facilities were inadequate for potential child trafficking victims; there was a shortage of child-friendly spaces, social workers, and facilities outside of the capital.