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Flash served the same cross platform needs that Java was intended for.There were annoying differences between Java runtimes from different vendors which led to the sarcastic phrase "write once, debug everywhere." It may be that Flash won out simply because there was only one source (Adobe now, Macromedia initially) for its runtime environment.For now, the site will remain available just for the sake of digital archaeologists.It has been around so long, that I lost track of when it first went live. In its day, the site was useful to many people and for that I'm glad. Like this site, it is not commercial in any way; there are no ads, no tracking, no affiliate links. Michael Horowitz Java is supported on Windows, OS X and Linux. Java is very much involved in Android, but not in a way that is visible to end users.Linked In is also married to JVMs and uses a mixture of Java and Scala.Now that security flaws are the big issue with Java, the safest best practice is to un-install Java and see if anything breaks.Apple continues to issues bug fixes for Java 6 on Snow Leopard, Lion and Mountain Lion.On Windows, the Java runtime (JRE) may or may not be pre-installed, the decision is left up to the hardware manufacturer.

The online use involves Java programs, typically referred to as "applets", embedded in a web page.

But well before this, Apple and Microsoft did not like Java because it made their operating systems less important.

A Java program can, in theory, run equally well on Windows, OS X and Linux. As long as there is a JRE for an operating system, Java programs can run on that system.

On OS X, Apple supplies the JRE for Java version 6, while Oracle supplies the JRE for Java version 7.

Oracle is the official supplier of the JRE for Linux, but there are also other sources available.

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All the security issues regarding Java involve applets.