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This usually comes out to about 2 full color pages per week, or 8 per month, sometimes more (this number may go up as my need to do commissions decreases).

I also will be doing warm-up sketches, many of which are serialized in their own mini-stories, and posting them here, exclusively.

Lumpkinville - A straight-up cartoon universe set in the generic rural South, complete with humans, furries, witches, magic, spells, and anything and everything I feel like at the moment.

Steering Committee - Access to everything, adult comic pages, as well as the ability to vote on which projects get completed next when I make entries asking for feedback.

Artist Pages:https:// Drawins I don't see updates on his webcomic homepage. It's like a shitty low-budget Netflix sitcom... Some say it was a fellow name "The Courrier" who sent out the Termination signal, freeing the neighbouring settlements from the wrath of crazy robots.I made a side by side comparison for myself and you can see it here: (nsfw) thing is, I used no reference and the image similarities are an honest coincidence.But given their similarities, I'm unsure what I should do.Access to 30 minute workflow videos and commentary as I do them.I also give considerably more weight to your suggestions and requests.

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