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However, Hyun Woo is currently playing a role for JTBC's 'I Live in Cheongdam-Dong' and therefore we weren't 100% sure on whether his schedule allowed him to be part of 'We Got Married' or not." After Ji Hyun Woo's confession, many have been curious about what will happen to Yoo In Na's appearance on 'We Got Married'.

To this effect, it is not known what type of woman he seeks to date.However, now that it is confirmed that the two are dating, it seems that there is a higher chance that the new couple for the show will not be filmed.Although 'We Got Married' is a variety show, they do not usually allow 'taken' celebrities to participate in the show due to the lack of 'reality' and the inability to show candid emotion toward the partner.However, Lee came out to say that the two were not dating but just friends.According to him, he even called IU when the rumors started and asked what they could do about it, but she told him they should just let it go.

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[ 847, -38] This is why you shouldn't date men right before they go to the army.