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Jiupar sax com

Again, care should be taken to avoid damage caused by pressing the reel flanges against the sides of the tape .To POWER OFF the unit, depress the POWER switch on the operator's control panel.

MOD 10 MAGNETIC TAPE TRANSPORT OPERATION & MAINTENANCE MANUAL 200237 December 1973 WANGCO Incorporated 5404 Jandy Place Los Angeles, California 90066 PREFACE This manual has been prepared to permit separation of the first three sections, which then form an operator's manual.

After this sequence of operations is completed the switch becomes functionally disabled and can only be re-enabled by loss of tape tension.

ON LINE This is a combination pushbutton switch and indicator.

Tape is automatically advanced to the load point, or beginning-of-tape marker, and then the tape system goes on line.

LOAD and ON LINE will be lit when the action is completed .

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As previously mentioned, it is lit when the system is under control of the computer or data system .

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