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Julian dating

This may seem a very small amount, but over a large number of years the figure builds up.

As a result, it emerged that the Julian Calendar was over-correcting by around 8 days each millennium. A solution was hit upon whereby centenary years would not be leap years unless they were divisible by 400.

The Julian Calendar was the system of dating followed from 46BC onwards.

Astronomers often use Julian dates as a standardized form of timekeeping.

Food manufacturers also sometimes use JD, though their dates are calculated differently.

JD aren’t very intuitive to understand for those of us used to the Gregorian calendar, so there are a few tricks to reading them.

In 1582 Pope Gregory ruled that this new calendar - thereafter called the Gregorian Calendar - should be brought into use.

By that stage, the Julian Calendar had added ten days too many to the calendar, so Pope Gregory decreed that the day after the 4th of October 1582 should be the 15th of October 1582, thus correcting the error.

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