Kang rules of dating

Posted by / 09-Nov-2020 15:45

These are also general things, and don’t give me any sense of that person’s true self, but is enough of a starting point to proceed — I like languages, so this person wins out.

It sounds a little cold, but it is a kind of quick calculation about the likelihood of your getting along.

The first thing to say is that the dating profile has become the lens through which we are first exposed to people, if you’re going down the online dating route (and let’s face it, this is how most people tackle dating in big cities like mine).

Do everyone a favour, and make this clear in your profile or go to a place where you can specifically get that relationship type.

Don’t waste people’s time by asking if they’re up for a “cuckhold relationship” when they have literally written “I’m looking for a [singular] nice guy/gal to travel and spend time with.” Maybe that person does want that kind of relationship, but unless they’ve explicitly said so on their profile, it’s really unlikely.

I did the same, slowly filtering out people who didn’t interest me.

But it took time to accept that they were maybe distracted by many other choices and I felt pressured at times to ‘stand out’ amongst them. I am who I am, they are who they are, and if we don’t work, we don’t work. This applies equally to people who are looking for a specific kink to be fulfilled as it does someone looking for a more traditional heterosexual relationship.

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