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However, things didn’t pan out the way they intended with Kangana refusing to back down or apologise.If you should engage them in a legal battle, expect the other party to play dirty.She said although initially, he was reluctant to leave his wife, Hrithik came around after Suzanne Khan divorced him and expressed his wish to marry and settle down with Kangana.But he soon flip-flopped and went back on his words.

(Read: 8 reasons why women fall for married men) It was refreshing to see the actress speaking honestly with impeccable clarity.Expect to be victim shamed Kangana’s ex Adhyayan Suman and Aditya Panscholi did their best to stir the pot by denting her credibility and painting her as a mentally-unstable woman.Many even focused the spotlight on Kanagana questioning her decision to pursue a married man, while no such fingers were pointed at Hrithik.You may be branded as a homewrecker and a slut, while your married ex may come under no such scanner. But as Kangana puts it, you may end up paying for his mistakes and inability to commit to his wife.(Read: Top excuses people use to justify cheating on their partners) You may be a stop-gap arrangement Kangana revealed that after Hrithik’s divorce, he made an attempt to reconcile with her and make amends for his behaviour.

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For a man who doesn’t think twice before trifling with marriage vows, your relationship won’t be sacrosanct either.

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