Kannada sex articles

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Kannada sex articles

The maxillary dentition was acquired faster in the females.

The mandible showed more number of polymorphisms with I1 M1 type being the most common type of polymorphism.

Table 3 shows the consolidated list of polymorphisms that exist in the maxilla and the mandible.

Tooth eruption is a unique physiological process that originates with tooth development and continues through emergence till a tooth erupts into occlusion with the entire process taking approximately 12–16 years.

In this cross-sectional study, 2536 school children of the ages 4–16 years were examined for the presence of the permanent teeth.

Based on this, the sequence of eruption of the maxillary and mandibular teeth with mean age of emergence is given in Table 1.The emergence of permanent teeth in humans starts with the eruption of the permanent mandibular first molar at approximately 6 years of age with the rest of the dentition following a fairly predictable sequence of eruption.The estimation of the age of a child between the ages of 5 and 14 years has so far been facilitated by the adoption of published data/databases that have not always relied on the variations in the sequence of eruption between various populations and ethnicities.The median age of emergence of a tooth was calculated as the 50% probability of the tooth being present as per the Probit analysis. The present study had a cohort of 2536 subjects (1223 females and 1313 males) who were evaluated for the presence of emerged teeth.Probit regression analysis was performed with the age rounded to the nearest whole number.

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The sequence of eruption was then derived using Probit regression model.

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