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Some people in the more restricted places have the blade separated from the handle and shipped separately.

I don't know if they would confiscate a blade (sans handle) based on it's shape.

I'm interested in getting more of the pre-Chinese stilettos and it would be nice to have some idea of what I'm looking at!

Look for the two digit ones that say "Germany" on the blade. And, of course, if you have any question about it, you can post a pic or a link of it here to be sure. And if the seller doesn't give the length in the description, here they are: 46 = 7" 47 = 8" 48 = 9" 49 =13" 45 = 14.75" If you're wondering why they start over at the end like that, my only guess is that they didn't want to crack 50. it difficult to find this stuff in got me interested in kissing crane stilettos was I saw 2 in 2 different shops,both Chinese made versions. Long story short, it was cheaper to buy the kc49 overseas and pay postage to Brisbane, than to buy a Chinese one in Brisbane!

A couple of years back they also tightened restrictions on knives to include double edged knives and daggers, any folding knife that can be opened one handed, and throwing blades.

Knowing the government there are probably more restrictions that I don't know about as well! Unfortunately, automatic knives are banned in Australia.

It wasn't really a switchblade but I thought it was so cool.

It was just for me, and no one else even knew I owned it.

Now that we are older and have some money, we just want more and more.Your new friend on the TB forum, John Bill De Shivs, Master Cutler authorized repairs for: Latama, Mauro Mario, Le Pre, Colonial, Kabar, Flylock, Schrade Cut Co., Presto, Press Button, Hubertus, Grafrath, Kuno Ritter knives. Those ones have four digits (they start with 50XX).They are much cheaper than the one you have (even though the people who sell them on Ebay always say "We know you like stilettos but you've never seen one this nice! The two digit ones like yours were made in Italy, as has been mentioned above (made for a German company, hence the "Germany" on the blade).Tell us a little bit about yourself and what type of knives you collect.This is an awesome forum and I hope to see you posting on a regular basis.

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