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In typical Kennedy fashion, he overreacted and yelled at Kent for her actions, because heaven forbid a single woman find pleasure with someone other than him. More specifically, Pullard is a linebacker for the Jacksonville Jaguars.

Anyways, Kent briefly mentioned how she and her ex, who is named "Hayes," aren't exclusively together, but hook up from time to time. He first found football fame as a starting linebacker at University of Southern California.

He wrote, I went to USC to fulfill my father's dream. And now I'm writing this letter to you to fulfill my dream.

I understand that I'm facing a tremendous challenge, but I'm confident that I'm up for it.

In Boarding Party Alana tells Jason about Nate's mysterious burner phone and asks if Jason knew anything about Nate having had an affair behind Molly's back. In Ghosts of Christmas Future both Alana and Jason are called in to Michael's school as he had been displaying violent behaviour, when asked about a new romantic situation having started in any of their lives the scene flashes to Alana and Jason in bed, revealing that they're still having sexual relations despite their break.

Alana notes how much Jason has changed despite looking the same as he did when they were 15.

Hana is presently very young to get married or get divorced let alone have a child.

They are still dating and have not had any split-ups.But like any other celebrity, she has allegedly been linked to many other co-stars of her which is totally fallacious because Hana is now and again seen in public with Chandler.There were rumors that Hana was being cast for the movie of The Last of Us as character Sarah when her fans misunderstood her saying that she would love to be cast as the character Sarah "if" its movie was made. She had obtained a scholarship from The Voice voice Studio for her dancing, singing and acting skills. Her mother is an architect and worked briefly in London, but she took semi-retirement to help Hana with her career.

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