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The couple has been together for years, and met playing siblings on NBC's family drama [The idea] came up in a funny way. The series is available on Netflix, so new fans have also been able to binge watch to their heart's desires.

We had a dinner at the Chateau Marmont a couple of weeks ago celebrating the success of the show, and Lauren came with Peter. And we made a couple of jokes about her coming on as a patient in a very bizarre 9-1-1 call and she laughed about it. Bringing Graham and Krause back on screen together would no doubt serve as a draw for that episode, so it make sense that Murphy would want to get the recently concluded its first season FOX, and was renewed for Season 2 (sans Connie Britton).

So on Parenthood, you're playing a single mom again. When I was considering Gilmore Girls [at age 32], people were like, "You shouldn't play a mom.

People will think you're too old." And I was like, why? And when I took Parenthood, people said, "You shouldn't play another mom." That's like saying, oh, you're playing another woman.

Her excellent news takes on a bit more poignancy when you know her childhood backstory: The woman who won our hearts playing moms wasn't raised by her own mother.

But that's exactly how Lauren Graham handles our interview. " she says, leading me into the kitchen of her airy, suitably gorgeous home in Los Angeles (wearing an airy, suitably adorable outfit of a white sundress and bare feet).

"I'm making a little avocado salsa for us," she explains, expertly chopping tomatoes. ") Needless to say, my celebrity salsa is a huge hit, and not just because it was prepared by TV's favorite school-lunch-maker.

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In this era of artfully staged paparazzi shots and red-carpet arrivals, it's a rare thing for a reporter to be invited inside a star's home.

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"That one's my favorite," she says of the picture, smiling.