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While we were preparing for our next step into marriage, we gained the joy of a new life, and with nervous hearts, we are awaiting our unborn child.

report published a copy of Lee Dong Gun’s letter to his fans.Jang is one of the highest-paid actors and celebrity endorsers in Korea, By the late 1990s he had become quite popular in Korea, but he also became one of the very first Korean stars to garner a fan following in other parts of Asia, after several of his TV dramas were screened there in the late nineties.In 1999, after acting in the critically acclaimed Nowhere to Hide as Park Joong-hoon's younger partner, Jang moved on to star in a feature that was filmed on location in Shanghai.Prior to that, LDG has been known to be dating yet another Korean celebrity, Jiyeon.Other K-drama fans, however, had come to the actor’s defense, stating that Lee Dong Gun and his former flame Jiyeon had actually broken up in December 2016, around two months before they officially announced the end of their involvement with each other.

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Meanwhile, he was cast in Typhoon as a modern-day pirate who has been betrayed by both North and South Korea.

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