Lesbian dating straight

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Lesbian dating straight

We are open we talk to eachother, we are affectionate.We are best buddies with very many things in common and wanting to do a lot of things in life together. Our relationship is based on trust, respect and love of what makes us us. Well realize most heterosexual marriages end in divorce anyway. But I'm not sexually attracted to him, and I know I am towards women. I love it when we cuddle and hold hands and caress each other. He knows I'm a lesbian, but I haven't told him the deep level of discomfort this is causing me, and he doesn't notice. I love him so much I'd marry him and give him kids (an idea that would be abhorrent with any other male). I'd say sex is a satisfying affair with him at an emotional level, and I enjoy giving him pleasure, but it's not sexually fulfilling for me and I kind of dislike it when /he/ gives me attention.Eventually, you will look for something else somewhere, and it won't be a man.You are going to break his heart either way, so i suggest you just do it now.

I wasn't ready to survive without her and our relationship seemed to go much deeper than the "couple thing" she no longer desires with men. My self esteem and self efficacy have gone up since I stopped dating a lesbian. I know this is a normal part of breakups but I never considered us normal. I just want know why the person that smiled every time I looked at her won't talk to me. We are very good friends, and could have a primary relationship.

Go for it girl, it looks you & him are just perfect for each other. She had come out to me a few weeks before and I thought we were going to break up then.

She said that wasn't what she wanted, so we stayed together.

I thought once finals were through we would work on it, but she figured it was time to accept her sexuality. We started seeing each other more often three years ago.

I'm proud of her and I'm happy that she is ready to take this step in her life, but I feel abandoned. We have been more or less dating for the past year.

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Not doing that will lead to big problems in end, but this advice is true for any sort of relationship, hetro, lesbian or whatever.

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