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After her mother Tara's fight with cancer became more fatal, her mother moved in with Lil Mama's aunt and Tara's older sister.She stayed there so she could be cared for and help with the care of the younger children in her family.Lil Mama told Power 105.1 she stayed in the shelters for seven years from her kindergarten year until the beginning of her eighth grade year when they managed to get an apartment in the Bronx and gain more stability.Her younger sibling's father was deceased, so her mother was the Matriarch of her family.She contributed to helping her mother financially by taking up small jobs such as baking.

She got the opportunity to perform a tribute to the late rapper at the 2013 American Music Awards performing the Grammy Award winning song "Waterfalls".

Being the oldest daughter, she got her nickname "Lil Mama".

She has two older brothers and three younger brothers, one of which is also a dancer and underground rapper along with her younger sister and last brother.

She has one maternal aunt and several paternal uncles.

Kirkland faced personal and financial struggles at an early age and experienced even more poverty when her mother, Tara, was diagnosed with breast cancer, which often led Kirkland to struggle in school as she had to care for her siblings and see her mother back and forth in hospitals from procedures.

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She later told MTV how she intended to spread and influence more artists to spread the genre of hip-pop. This showed Lil Mama as a legitimate rapper for even adults to listen to.