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(For example, he would be largely unable to create peerages, award pensions, or make official appointments.) In any case, the King was declared out of danger by February 1789, before this bill could be passed—and Prinny emerged with an even more tarnished reputation. Instead, she liked to flirt, brazenly and without subtlety of manner, and it was rumoured that her governess followed her around at dances to prevent her embarrassing herself “by indecent conversations with men.” (3-4) Worst of all, the Princess was conspicuous for her body odor even in this unwashed age, whereas Prinny himself, a noted dandy, was unusually fastidious.

In this essay I will not address the circumstances surrounding the dedication of Emma to Prinny, since the episode is well covered by all biographers of Austen, as well as by some recent contributors to JASNA’s journals. No detail of their life was too small to interest him.

In 1788, he made another nominal attempt at frugal country living by renting the estate of Kempshott Park in Hampshire, near Basingstoke and Steventon, as a base for field sports.

George III’s first attack of madness began in autumn 1788.

Furthermore, he was bound not only by the 1701 Act of Settlement but also by the 1772 Royal Marriages Act, which gave the Crown power over the marriages of all George II’s descendants until they turned twenty-five.

The distraught Prinny proceeded to combine sex and power into emotional blackmail: after drinking himself “into a series of stupors” (Levy 46), “swearing that he could not live without her, throwing himself upon his bed, and threatening to kill himself” (Hibbert 73), he actually did shed just enough blood to frighten Maria into consenting to marry him.

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