Live updating election map Vietnam girl cam

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Live updating election map

There is another style of maps that is making its way into the traditional election visualizations: the cartogram.

Cartograms are maps that are distorted by a variable, by population or GDP, for example, to favor information over geography.

Due to population density, urban areas can be greatly under-represented in a geographic map.

For example, the state of New Jersey has roughly the same population as the states of Idaho, Wyoming, Utah, both Dakotas and Nebraska, A geographic map of U. House results, then, appears as if there are very few Democratic representatives, when in fact they now hold the majority of seats.

They’re designed to give you a quick overview of what’s happening as the results come in.

They’re one of the only ways to accommodate for the fact that population density is not the same across the country.

So in the Illustrator file, we added a layer ID to each path, (e.g., CA-28) and preserved that in the Geo JSON feature properties.

Note that in the image, CA-28 is nowhere near its geographic position in Southern California, there are just that many districts!

That’s why we chose to build our election maps with Mapbox.

Using a vector mapping service means we can scale the detail of our maps to fit the zoom, and mix and match custom data layers to display different forms of elections results.

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