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Because most kernels have grown too large to fit on a floppy diskette, you cannot boot from a floppy.

If it detects a version of Red Hat Linux on the hard disk that it can upgrade, Anaconda gives you the choice of upgrading the existing installation or overwriting the existing installation with a new one (Figure 3-1).With some exceptions, notably if you are running a text-mode installation, Anaconda starts by probing the video card, monitor, and mouse and by starting a native X server with a log in /tmp/(This log is not preserved unless you complete the installation.) While it is running, Anaconda opens the virtual consoles (page 103) shown in Table 3-1.You may be able to fit some Red Hat Enterprise Linux kernels on a diskette.Fedora gives you the option of booting from a By default, Fedora is installed with SELinux (page 379) turned off.

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