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Once Billy feels Roman's hands rubbing down his naked body he is completely turned on.

Unbothered with his son’s quest to uncover his dirty secret, Myles ravenously slams Johnny’s open hol... His top-daddy lover, Tomas Brand, did a good job wearing him out the night before by fucking him rough and raw in the ass. SYNOPSIS: Jordan Levine is an off duty cop looking for action. There he finds Zane Anders defacing public property with a filthy proposition. Let's get ready to rumble since Timtales is shaking things up this Friday! After being ditched by unfaithful lovers, Kory Huston and Hugh Hunter find comfort in each other.

Hugh Hunter sneaks in pretty boy Roman Todd and tells him to be quiet that his 'nephew' Kory Huston is upstairs sleeping.

They get right to business and start sucking each other's hard cocks. Zack Grayson is working for Billy Santoro at his home office.

Sneaky Brogan gets Calvin comfortable before he slowly cops a feel at Calvin's ass. Ace Era is not a guy to turn away an alpha muscle daddy that’s hot and horny to fuck him.

And when Ace gets a chance to roll around with the king of all alpha muscle daddies, Tomas Brand, it’s a dream come true that he c...

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