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Lotro updating error a connection failed

Hello guys, It has been a month since I recieve this message when I open LOTRO Launcher: An update error occured: A connection attempt failed. 7/6/2012 AM Processor: Genuine Intel x86 Family 15 Model 2 Stepping 9 (2.79GHz) 7/6/2012 AM Memory: 1023MB RAM 7/6/2012 AM Page File: 702MB used, 465MB available 7/6/2012 AM Cipher strength: Min=40-bit, Max=128-bit 7/6/2012 AM . Buy Now=form_user_name=&form_user_pass=&siteuser[action]=login&billing[process]=17&billing[forms][subscription Name]=&billing[scenario]=LOTRO_BUY_NOW_POPUP&billing[forms][product Code]=LOTRO&billing[forms][purchase Product Code]=LOTROBuy&billing[forms][purchase Plan Code]=LOTRO-Pur Std 7/6/2012 AM Activate. I reinstalled 2 or 3 times, I even formated my pc,and still same. Launcher execution begins: 7/6/2012 AM 7/6/2012 AM Command line: "D:\Igre\Codemasters\The Lord of the Rings Online\Turbine Launcher.exe" -invoker 7/6/2012 AM Administrator: True 7/6/2012 AM UAC enabled: False 7/6/2012 AM Mutex Created: "D:_Igre_Codemasters_The Lord of the Rings Online_Turbine Launcher.exe" 7/6/2012 AM NHN: Initializing NHN authentication 7/6/2012 AM Read user settings file. NET CLR version: 1.1.4322.2032 (Service Pack 1 on Windows XP SP2) 7/6/2012 AM Default Proxy Address: 7/6/2012 AM Bypass Proxy On Local: False 7/6/2012 AM Bypass List: 7/6/2012 AM --------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------- 7/6/2012 AM 7/6/2012 AM Initialization status: "Logging module version data" 7/6/2012 AM 7/6/2012 AM Assemblies: 7/6/2012 AM Module Name: Turbine 7/6/2012 AM File Name: D:\Igre\Codemasters\The Lord of the Rings Online\Turbine 7/6/2012 AM Comments: (RELEASE) Launches Turbine MMORPGs. styleid=2 --supporturl https://tss.turbine.com/TSSTrowser/--gametype LOTRO --supportserviceurl https://tss.turbine.com/TSSTrowser/Submit --authserverurl https://gls.lotro.com/gls.authserver/--glsticketlifetime 21600 --webjournalurl 7/6/2012 AM Game Client. Updater Name Format=updater__7/6/2012 AM Data Center Browser. Reset Graphics Arg= --safe 7/6/2012 AM Game Client. Während der Übertragung wirst du deinen neuen Turbine-Nutzernamen und -Passwort angeben müssen.

Reactivate Subscription=https://myaccount.turbine.com/? page_id=29&billing[process]=2&billing[action]=5 7/6/2012 AM URL.

During the transfer, you will need to specify a new Turbine username and password. Si vous n'avez pas encore complété le processus de transfert de compte, veuillez cliquer sur le lien ci-dessous pour transférer votre compte Codemasters du Sd AO à Turbine. Instructions.de=Zum Fortfahren musst du unten deinen neuen Turbine-Nutzernamen und -Passwort eingeben.

Title.de=Aktion erforderlich 7/6/2012 AM Transfer. If you have not already completed the account migration process, please click on the link below to transfer your LOTRO Codemasters account to Turbine. Instructions.fr=Pour continuer, vous devez saisir ci-dessous un nouveau nom d'utilisateur et un nouveau mot de passe Turbine.

Titles=End User License Agreement|Terms of Service 7/6/2012 AM

Titles=Endnutzer-Lizenzvereinbarung|Nutzungsbedingungen 7/6/2012 AM Titles=Contrat de License Utilisateur Final|Conditions de Service 7/6/2012 AM Legal. Titles=End User License Agreement|Terms of Service 7/6/2012 AM Legal.en-GB.

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Password.fr=Mot de passe Turbine : 7/6/2012 AM Transfer. Password.de=Turbine-Passwort: 7/6/2012 AM Transfer.

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